As part of our commitment to effective STEM education for all students, we are excited to announce the launch of the 3i STEM Camp – a dynamic series of standards-aligned curricula available as part of after-school STEM programs or wherever support is needed.

Created in collaboration with leading educators, STEM Camp combines hands-on labs, engineering challenges, digital investigations, interactive videos, and exposure to STEM careers to create compelling connections for students between STEM learning and life. STEM Camp is designed to engage students outside of their classrooms and reach them both around the clock and around the world.


What is S.T.E.M ?

STEM education grows out of the idea that the boundaries between science, technology, engineering, and math are permeable. Moreover, it asserts that its four disciplines are interdependent. By endeavouring to blend science, technology, engineering, and math in its approach, STEM education seeks to create 21st century learning opportunities and skill development for students.

The acronym STEM is in popular use today. To many, it encompasses everything within the separate disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. To others, including the 3i Education curriculum team, STEM education is more than the sum of its parts. It is a recognition that science, math, technology, and engineering interrelate with each other all of the time. In point of fact, it is difficult to teach one without involving one or more of the others.

STEM education can be as simple as math, science, technology, and engineering teachers recognizing and calling attention to the connections among the disciplines. Ideally, however, it is about the collaboration of math, science, engineering, and technology education into what the Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM education calls, “a meta-discipline.” Moreover, STEM education is about the blending of those four disciplines into learning opportunities and skills for twenty-first century learners.

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Personalisation of Learning

Why S.T.E.M ?

What is it about STEM that is getting so much attention? STEM is a popular topic among government and business leaders whose main concern about STEM is the need to educate Indian students so that they will possess the knowledge and skills to compete in a global economy. Educators, too, are realizing that preparing students for the twenty-first century requires a different set of basic skills.

Generally, STEM education efforts seek to increase student curiosity in and engagement with science, technology, engineering, and math.

It is hoped that STEM initiatives will encourage more students to study, and eventually secure jobs in, STEM-related fields.

Curriculum Module Overview

Each curriculum module includes videos, interactive glossary terms, explorations, and virtual labs), a series of thematic learning opportunities (hands-on activities, engineering challenges, and digital investigations), career connections, and a take home newsletter for parents/guardians.